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Acidic Foods and Acid Reflux and The Reasons for Pregnant Women to Eat Acid Foods

Acidic Foods and Acid Reflux

 By eating a balanced diet and avoiding acidic foods, you can naturally minimize acid reflux symptoms and pain. Another easy but effective natural acid reflux remedy involves eating several smaller meals throughout the day as opposed to eating 2 or 3 large meals. By controlling the amount of acidic foods you consume and eating smaller portions, you can prevent the onset of heartburn or a full-blown acid reflux attack.
So not only should you avoid too many acidic foods, but you should also adhere to a diet that incorporates several smaller meals throughout the day versus two or three large meals. In fact most nutritionists and health experts already recommend eating five to six small meals a day as part of a healthily diet.  This has been proven to assist athletes and others to optimize their metabolism.

Some acidic foods reported to trigger heartburn and acid reflux symptoms include: Olives, Cheese, Beans, Liver, Sour Cream, Eggs, Yogurt, Gravy, Most Grains, Fowl, Meat, Plums, Prunes, Cranberries, and Buttermilk. Limiting alcohol, including beer and wine, will help acid reflux symptoms improve, but the best option is to avoid alcohol completely.

Tomatoes May be Good For You...But Not For Your Acid Reflux

Due to their high acidity levels, tomatoes should be avoided. You'll also want to avoid tea, coffee, spicy foods, citrus fruits, and tomato sauces.

There are a number of neutral foods that are neither acidic foods of alkaline foods. These include; butter, margarine, cooking oils, sugar, syrup, honey, arrowroot, corn and tapioca.

Can Chocolate Help Cure Acid Reflux?

While acidic foods can be the cause acid reflux pain, alkaline foods can be the solution to acid reflux symptoms. In other words, alkaline foods can actually serve as natural acid reflux remedies.  Alkalinity is the opposite of acidity. Whether a food is acidic or alkaline is determined by its ph levels. Alkaline foods include chocolate, bananas, orange juice, watermelon, potatoes, spinach and figs.

Acid reflux symptoms can range from moderate to severe. Some people experience heartburn, hoarseness, regurgitation, chest pain, asthma, dental erosion and dysphagia. More severe acid reflux cases can include coughing up blood in the case of erosive esophigitis. While mild heartburn is not normally this serious, other acid reflux symptoms can be very severe so it is extremely important to learn as much as you can about natural acid reflux remedies. Be careful with your diet and learn as much as you can about acidic foods and alkaline foods.

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The Reasons for Pregnant Women to Eat Acid Foods

The acid food can improve the digestion for pregnant women. A kind of special substance called "human chorionic gonadotropin" can be produced by the placenta inside the bodies of the pregnant women. The substance can seriously restrain the secretion of gastric acid, which can decrease the amount of gastric acid and affect the activity of digestive enzyme. At the same time, the digestion function and absorption function of the stomach and the intestines can be affected to cause various unhealthy symptoms, such as sickness, decreasing appetite and weakness. The acid taste can stimulate the secretion of gastric acid and enhance the activity of the digestive enzyme, which can improve the gastric and intestinal peristalsis and improve the appetite. Therefore, most of the pregnant women like to eat the foods with acid taste so as to restrain the decreasing digestion caused by the human chorionic gonadotropin.


What's more, the acid substances can meet the demands of nutrients needed by the pregnant women and the fetuses. An important composition for the fetuses to form their bones is calcium. The acid substances can accelerate the free calcium to be accumulated in the bones in the form of calcium salt. That is to say the acid substances can increase the solubility of the calcium and improve the formation and development of the bones for the fetuses. In addition, acid substances can improve the absorption of iron to transform ferric iron into ferrous iron, which can accelerate the formation of hemoglobins.

At the same time, acid foods can enhance the immunity for pregnant women. Many acid foods contain abundant which can strengthen the human immunity and improve the absorption of iron for women. What's more, the development of cell matrix and hemopoietic system can also be improved for the fetuses.

In short, acid substances are suitable foods for women to eat during the pregnancy. At the same time, it is important for women to choose suitable and healthy acid foods. Various fruits and vegetables contain the necessary nutrients provided by the acid foods, such as tomatoes and hawthorns. Pregnant women should not eat excessive pickled foods which contain too much nitrite. The nitrite can cause cancer inside the human body. Therefore, it is important to eat suitable acid foods in order to maintain the physical health for women and the fetuses.

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