Sunday, March 3, 2013

What Your Body Acidic or Alkaline?

Our body tries maintaining the pH level anywhere from 7.35 to 7.45. This is a very narrow range of pH for blood, which our body works to maintain. Within this range, our blood is slightly alkaline in nature. To function properly, our body will work to maintain the pH at a level of close to 7.40.

An alkaline environment is essential for your body's organs to work. Your heart will work the best in an alkaline system. Acid wastes in the body can alter the heartbeat.

An alkaline body system is also needed for proper functioning of the liver, pancreas and kidneys. One of the liver's duties is to process acid toxins. Too much of acid wastes in body can overload the liver. Pancreas also depends on an alkaline diet for optimal performance.

Similarly, kidneys need a balanced acid-alkaline body system for functioning properly. Too much acidity in our body can lead to kidney stones, which are composed of mineral salts and waste acid cells.

What happens if your body has too much acidity?

Since we know just how important an alkaline diet is for keeping healthy, it follows that too much of an acidic diet can be harmful for the body. It is believed that our body becomes more prone to illnesses when it has too much of acidity.

According to the Scleroderma Care Foundation's website, the symptoms of acidity can be grouped as early acidity, middle acidity and severe acidity.

Early acidity includes symptoms as heartburn, hyperactivity, acne and panic attacks.

Middle acidity can entail depression, foggy brain, eczema, psoriasis and viral infections.

Severe form of acidity can be accompanied by tuberculosis, Hodgkin's illness, rheumatoid, numerous sclerosis and certain cancers.

You would be surprised to know that it is not just acidic food that can give our bodies a slightly acidic pH. An acidic pH can also result from emotional stress, toxic overload and immune reactions.

Testing for Acidity

You can test if your body is acidic or alkaline by testing your urine. A strip of litmus paper is to be used with urine to check for acidity. Compare the color of the litmus paper with the color chart accompanying it. If this test indicates you have an acidic pH, you might need to go for more alkaline food for keeping healthy, but do not initiate any dietary changes without first consulting your doctor.

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