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Food List & Rankings of Alkaline food and Can You Use an Alkaline Diet for Weight Loss?

Find Complete Alkaline Food List & Rankings

Vegetables are fruits make up most of the alkaline food chart. When going thought the list of foods that are alkaline try and consume those foods most that are higher on the list of alkaline edibles. Vegetables that are green are found higher on the list of foods that are alkaline. Asparagus, broccoli, artichokes, cabbages, radish, peas, leeks and many more such alkaline vegetables can be found on this list. White tipped asparagus is acidic though and should not be used much. Similarly the list of foods that are alkaline includes a lot of fruits. Apart from cranberries which are acidic all other fruits are to be found on the same list. Mangoes, papayas, lemons, grapefruits, melons are all alkaline in nature.

Even though most of the contents on the list of foods that are alkaline are fruits and vegetables it does not mean that only fruits are vegetables are alkaline. Certain beverages and drinks can also b e found on the list of foods that are alkaline. Herbal teas, green drinks, fresh vegetable juice, soymilk, almond milk and lemon water all have a place on the list of alkaline food. Certain nuts can also be found on this list. Almonds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds are also alkalizing foods. Olive oil is very high on the list of foods that are alkaline. Olive oil is highly nutritious and helps prevent heart diseases. If you do not have a taste for olive oil one can find flax, hemp, avocado, borage and evening primrose also on the list of foods that are high in alkaline content. Sprouts and tahini are also alkaline and should be consumed to keep the ph balance of the body normal.

The list of alkaline food contains no meats and other processed food. One should stay away from acidic foods and no more than 20 % of our food intake should be acidic in nature. About 60 to 80 percent of our food should be alkalizing food. It is essential to follow the list of alkaline food so as to gain health. The list of alkaline food also helps one loose those unwanted pounds.

Each person has different tastes and different needs. But the ph of the body is the same in all healthy people. So make a list of alkaline food that suits your needs and lifestyle and follow it so as to leave a healthy and long life.

Download the Comprehensive Alkaline Food List

Can You Use an Alkaline Diet for Weight Loss?
Recently in the news and on channels such as CNN, there have been numerous people claiming that you can use an alkaline diet for weight loss. Is this really true? Can a person really begin to experience weight loss simply from changing their diet to consume more alkaline foods? In this article we're going to show you if alkaline diets are effective, what changes they have on your body, and how exactly to utilize an alkaline diet for your best health.

How Your Body Handles Acid

So, why would anybody care about being on an alkaline diet to begin with? Well the reason is simple. As a population, we are throwing our bodies out of balance by ingesting toxins such as soda and animal proteins in mass quantities. As a result, acid is built up in such large quantities that the body goes into survival mode. While acid would normally be processed and removed by the liver and kidneys, when too much of it exists, the body stores it in fat in order to preserve the health of your organs. The result is an unbalanced amount of acid and dehydration in the body. The body's homeostasis exists at a pH value of 7.3. Standard (neutral) water has a pH of 7.0. The ability to ionizer water and consume an alkaline diet has great benefits for your health.

Alkaline Diet Benefits

But why is an alkaline great for weight loss? Well, a myriad of benefits have been attributed to maintaining your bodies natural pH. Reversing the effects of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heartburn, angina, migraines, and arthritis are a few of the major benefits. Freeing diabetics from their insulin crazed hunger fits has resulted in a large amount of weight loss. But, you'll see that even normal people have seen great weight loss as a result of an alkaline diet. When the body is freed of its toxic state, your metabolism is able to function more efficiently. Fat and proteins are burned and stored properly. Also, people have seen the benefits of increased energy and sex drive, allowing them to be more active and productive.

Optimizing Your Alkaline Diet for Weight Loss

If you are attempting to use an alkaline diet for weight loss, it is very important you know how to take the balanced approach. If you use alkaline water and alkaline foods in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle you will receive the “miracle” weight loss that everyone is raving about. Once you begin drinking the alkaline water on a regular basis, you can move from drinking water with pH 9.0 to pH 9.5 (for adults). Consuming a healthy amount of this high pH water is guaranteed to aid the body in returning to acid-alkaline harmony. Also, you should use the high pH water when preparing foods like soup and stews, to balance the acidifying animal proteins or other acidic aspects of the food.

In the above you have seen how you can use an alkaline diet for weight loss, but there is much more to be learned. In order to ensure that you are going to loss weight, it is important you learn about alkaline foods. Some of the most acid filled foods would be the ones you least expect. Many dairy products, for example, are very high in acid content. 
To ensure that you can use your alkaline diet for weight loss, you should learn a lot more about the do's and don'ts of an alkaline diet. Also, if you'd like to learn more about alkaline water, click here http://www.ionizeroasis.com

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